Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ghosts and the Unexplained

There are things within the realms of this earth that are both unexplained and defy science. We have heard the stories our entire life, but brushed them off as just “stories”. We all have had the same question lingering in our minds when we have heard those stories. “Is it real?”

Statistics will show that the majority of people on this planet believe in the supernatural or paranormal. Unfortunately, most of these people will not admit this in public for fear of being ridiculed. But secretly, deep down inside we all know the truth. The truth being, that as a species, we do not understand or know as much about our world as we pretend to. You have to ask yourself… If you actually saw a ghost, would you tell anyone?

We have scientists who have an answer for everything, even if they have to make one up and have “faith” that they are right. Lots of scientific explanations for the paranormal are only theories. Theories require faith to believe, just as in religion or the paranormal. Yet scientist will sometimes mock or look down upon those that are religious or that believe in things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. A good example of this is one of the most widely accepted “theories” of science.

The creation of the universe is proclaimed by science to be caused by “the big bang”. Scientists can mathematically travel through time to trace back to the very moment our solar system was formed. Quite a feat. Only when they get to the very second before the creation of the universe, all of there mathematical equations collapse upon themselves, turning the universally accepted laws of science on their heads. So, those scientists are at a point that is completely unexplainable and in order to believe their theory, they have to have faith.

The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the strange, paranormal and unexplained things of the universe. To let people know that it is not so strange to believe in the paranormal. There is evidence of the paranormal all around us. Sometimes even in the news. You will find stories about the paranormal, where the news anchor usually makes light of the subject. But still, the facts are the facts.

In closing I would like to urge anyone reading this to open their eyes and their minds. Start to look at our world through child like eyes and you will begin to see. The paranormal is all around us. You just might have to look under society’s rug where it has been swept to find it. Look for more articles dealing in the paranormal and unexplained coming soon. In the meantime, stay open minded and try to have a little faith in something..

Source by Thomas Shea

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